Energy Management Software

Energy Management Software

Web-based Energy Management Software helping organisations reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions by up to 30%

Ibc have partnered with the eSight® Energy, a web-based energy management software technology provider to deliver best-of-breed energy management software solutions to the global real estate and facilities management market.

eSight® provides the most sophisticated and intuitive energy management and analysis techniques available worldwide. Users can manage all aspects of energy-related data, and as a fully web-enabled solution, eSight® is available as both a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, or installed directly to a client site.

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eSight® energy management software is the most sophisticated energy analysis suite available worldwide. 100% web-based, eSight is perfect for every company size and industry sector and is available as both a SaaS (software as a service) model, or installed directly to a client site.

Data may be integrated into eSight from a wide range of systems and formats (meters, loggers, BAS, controls, production data, spreadsheets, oBIX, OPC and more!), allowing organisations to collate and manage all aspects of energy and building-related data in a single system. eSight provides a truly holistic view of usage across your building(s), in order to identify significant energy savings, and is the energy management product of choice.

Whether you are a small business looking to manage data from a single building or a large, global organization looking to fulfill Corporate Sustainability targets, eSight has an option for you! Request a Demo for more details.

Carslberg UK eSight Energy Management Software User Example

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Carlsberg UK's Requirement

Carlsberg UK required a web based Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) System for multiple plants and distribution depots throughout the UK. The brewery was looking for a system that could import and calculate weekly KPI data against targets for multiple utilities including but not limited to: gas, water & electricity, as well as analyse production data and calculate plant efficiency.

Carlsberg UK also required the ability to manage data imports from a wide range of meters to incorporate complex production procedures in place across the brewing process. This had to be intuitive for access by non-technical users of the system.

In addition, Carlsberg UK needed an energy solution to distribute a range of use alarms and average usage alarms automatically via email. Carlsberg UK also needed a solution to display hourly dashboards at department operator level to monitor usage when the plant is running, stopped, shutdown and during maintenance periods.


Carlsberg UK use the dashboard module to highlight areas of performance which are most important to them. They utilise hourly dashboards at department operator level to monitor usage when the plant is running, stopped, shutdown or during maintenance periods. 

Benefits of using eSight

Since implementing eSight, Carlsberg UK has achieved a number of energy saving goals. Just some of the energy savings made since implementing eSight include:

• Reduced overall energy consumption by 10%

• Improved recovered energy from brewing process which uses 60% of site usage

• Reduced site water consumption by 10%

• Reduced effluent cost by 16%

Reduction of overall energy usage was achieved by understanding consumption loads and matching with production periods. eSight has enabled Carlsberg UK to utilise the CHP plant and recover heat by matching to process demands which has improved recovered energy from the brewing process.

The eSight suite is used as primary measure at the production level, focusing on software and plant improvements. As a result, Carlsberg UK have experienced continuous improvement toward their root cause analysis.

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Project in the Spotlight

Analysing historic consumption and weather data with eSight Energy, ibc has investigated an unexplained increase in energy consumption costs in a European Shopping Centre.

Based on our findings we have designed a cost effective solution for our client; enhancing their metering systems and implementing eSight Energy software in order to analyse, warn, report and follow up irregularities in consumption directly when those irregularities occur and in more detail.

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